The revolution’s over. We’ve won.

23 December 2012

‘The revolution’s over, we’ve won’ is an album in pictures and words.
It is a slice of Bologna’s avant-garde from the 1970s to today, when it faded away.
The sixteen people range over an area of activities untainted by mercantile charm. 

No one sold out, no one wanted to buy.
If Bologna is famous beyond its mortadella it’s owing to the 1000 years put together by people like these without ancestral pedigree.

The album parses three undisputed facts.

The first: there are no official pictures of their work, which is seen as the bearer of unsolicited modernities.

The second: there’s no Bologna the Red here. The views could be those of any European city.
The ones here shun the usual Bologna of uninterrupted porticos and two towers.

The third: This is a victory album. The avant-garde is no longer, vanished into thin air without leaving even a trace of mist behind it. The intrusiveness of normality is the reason for the album.

In the end, it’s just an album.